Political Debate or Reality TV Show?

Microphone in focus against large crowd

I am sick to death of the Kim Kardashian of politics. I don’t care about what color dress Carly Fiorina wears. I don’t care what Rand Paul’s hair looks like. I don’t care what sports Marco Rubio watches. I care… Continue Reading


Do you really care about the issues?


According to the Fed’s jobs report today, unemployment is at 5.3%. If you have a job, that can be an encouraging number because it can make you feel like the country is doing ok. Or, if you have friends who… Continue Reading


A New Cold War?

USA and Russia Flag painted on grunge wall

Russia thinks we’re weak and we need to prove them wrong. When a child misbehaves, he or she is punished. Perhaps a toy is taken away, or “no ice cream” policies are instituted. The reason for punishment is to teach… Continue Reading


We Serve the People, Not Our Own Egos


There is division in the Senate right now concerning the reinstatement of the Export-Import Bank. The issue breaks down into a disagreement about big-business vs. government expansion. This is a very telling disagreement, because the Presidential candidates are almost universally… Continue Reading


Why Trump Was Wrong

American flag, video still

It seems like Donald Trump can’t go two days without saying something offensive, but his remark concerning John McCain is worth considering, wrong as it is. Getting captured did not make John McCain a hero. At the point he was… Continue Reading


Do the 2016 Presidential Candidates Inspire You?


Do you feel inspired by the current list of Republican candidates? Do any of them make you feel like their leadership will bring the much needed change that our nation needs? I want to live in a nation where we… Continue Reading